About us

Infinity Trader is a growing and expanding cryptocurrency and forex investment company. We founded the company to make the modern financial market accessible to everyone. Our company offers customers the opportunity to earn without personal involvement in cash turnover. Profitable and long-term businesses require good knowledge and skills from people who are professionals in the field of activity in which they are involved. This is why we try to work only with experienced specialists. Despite the fact that infinitytrader.life is a fairly young company, every trader in our group has over 15 years of trading experience and successful trading records. Our specialists have extensive experience in major international projects, are widely known in the commercial and online investment markets. Infinitytrader.life is confident in the future and continues to open new horizons in Forex. With our actions and successes, we actually prove our solidity and competence in business. Our team is here to provide the best service possible. Attracting online investments is the best way to grow our business faster, and we plan to continue our business over the coming years by increasing our presence on the world's leading platforms. We have high expectations for our company and we trust our abilities. We know how to make money and we can allow our investors the same opportunity.

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